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An ugly looking troll creature that is 4'8 and reviews OTHER people's viral videos on Youtube so he can make a large profit. He steals other people's funny videos and makes terrible jokes about them that he repeats every video. This lonely troll also has a second channel that follows his scripted life around L.A. In these videos he has a guy (supposedly his friend) that has a job to laugh at all his lame jokes. He also hires vapid women to follow him around so he can get more views from YouTube perverts.
Idiot: Hey, did you wach that "fake and gay" video featured on Ray William Johnson.

Intellectual: No, because I have more than one brain cell, and don't support theifs who are as funny as a turd...

Reformed Idiot: I have been enlightened. I will never watch that pathetic excuse for a human again!
by HAHaha...;) June 11, 2011

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