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Weed is one of the many names used to identify marijuana, or Cannabis. There are 3 putative species of Cannabis: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Weed is a psychoactive drug that produces immense feelings of relaxation, hunger, pleasure, stress reduction, creative or philosophical thinking, and increased sensuality. It also increases one's appreciation for humor, music, art, joviality, and can also cause metacognition, introspection, and enhanced recollection. It is a recreational substance that is used primarily in the dried herbal form.

There are many different ways that one can consume weed, the majority of which involve smoke inhalation. It can be smoked using pipes, bongs, chillums, one-hitters, or vaporizers. It is also commonly smoked in a cigar or cigarette form known as a "blunt" or "joint", respectively. Oral consumption is another method and, in some cases, has a greater effect than the previously mentioned methods.

For all you fucking pussies who have never smoked weed, you're missing out. It's impossible to overdose, and more importantly, IT IS NOT A DRUG. Drugs are things like crack, cocaine, meth, xanax, oxycotton, heroin, etc. Weed is a PLANT that comes from the EARTH. It is 100% NATURAL. It is a GIFT FROM GOD that exists for a REASON. It is the cure for all of one's problems and can bring peace and harmony when used properly.
Jim: Hey Bill, you wanna hit this blunt? This is some dank ass weed!
Bill: Naw man, I don't do drugs.
Jim: This ain't no fucking drug dude it's a god damn plant. You gonna grow a pair and hit this or what?

Chris: Hey bro what you up to?
Mike: Not much man, trying to get high.
Chris: Hell yea I got some of this bomb ass dro. One-hitter-quitter shit, you down to get lifted?
Mike: Come on over, I bought a new 5' bong let's get fucked up son!!
by H1GH FLY3R November 16, 2009

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