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2 definitions by H.R. Hugginstuff

The act of closing ones eyes as tightly as possible while swirling around their "junk" ferociously immitating a helicopter. The trick is finding the surprise afterwards.
Lance Maynard is a lonely man that has to resort to a blind helicopter every night so he doesn't kill himself.
by H.R. Hugginstuff September 16, 2008
5 1
Slang term used to describe being a badass.
1. (of a person) difficult to deal with; mean-tempered; touchy.
2. distinctively tough or powerful; so exceptional as to be intimidating.
3. a mean-tempered troublemaker.
–noun Informal
4. a sexually attractive person.
Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest.
He is so huggy.
Huggy is tough as nails.
by H.R. Hugginstuff June 12, 2008
19 29