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1. to alert and/or notify someone via text message (hence text + notify = textify).

2. To spill your guts over a text message, usually something along the lines of liking someone and wanting to date them, or revealing something too disgusting/embarrassing to say in person.
1. I had to textify Johnathan at the last minute that I would not be in attendance at his party.

2. OMG, Jimmy just textified Susan that he gave her sister a cleveland steamer at last year's Christmas party!
by H*ck Yeah! August 30, 2008
The highly toxic methane trail that follows someone after a turbo toot.
Bloody hell!!! Jenny totally let one fly, and she had fart lag for two blocks!
by H*ck Yeah! August 31, 2008
The act of dropping a peach.
I was at the grocery store the other day droppin' a peach when the manager caught me in the act.

by H*ck Yeah! September 20, 2008

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