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1 definition by Hādokoa· Panku

A seemingly intelligent and respectable man on YouTube that, when observed closely like the animal he is, is nothing more than a high-school level pseudo-intellectual who thinks he's always right, and get's upset when you expose him for the asshole that he is.

Just what is his problem, you may ask? Well, he's a hypocrite in that he makes videos exposing "YouTube Whores", when he himself is one because he makes the videos in order to get more money off of the views that the fanboys/fangirls of the target in question give him.
Not to mention, if you put him in Intellectual Checkmate, and expose him in a comment saying just how much of a bad-tempered loser he is, he'll block you, even if you were telling him his flaws in hopes he'd improve. This man's ego is infinite.

He's also one of the biggest grammar Nazi's you'll find on the Internet. If he were like other grammar Nazi's and pointed out your mistakes to be helpful, this wouldn't be a problem. However, he's one just for the sole purpose of being a douchebag, and to run away from what would otherwise be a legit argument against him.

All in all, he's a hypocritical, asshole grammar Nazi who's about as intelligent as an ant with downs syndrome.
Intelligent person who made one little typo: Archfiend, your a butthurt loser who can't handle it when people expose you for the tool you are.

TheArchfiend: *you're

The perfect user: What's the matter Archie? Can't stand being completely and utterly exposed? What are you going to do? Block me? You're such a fucking crybaby. Ha!

*User has been blocked*
by Hādokoa· Panku May 27, 2012
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