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Witchcraft a practice involving a direct change of state of being, transformation created with spells,herbs,moon phases.
Despite the STEREOTYPICAL out dated MISINFORMATION concerning Witches and Witchcraft -Witchcraft has NOTHING to do with the christian concept of satan.
2-Witchcraft "craft of the wise ones"-delving into unknown realms-seeing the UNseen hearing the Unheard,not living in fear of said Unknown.
The local Witch felt a thunder storm coming before the rest did
because the elderly woman knew how to heal using herbs and by chanting an unheard language she was called a Witch.
I live Witchcraft
by Gypsy Magick Raven January 22, 2010
"Squidge"= slang for cigarette
Hey got a squidge I can buy?
by Gypsy Magick Raven January 23, 2010

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