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2 definitions by Gypsy Joe

When one steps in the poo left by a dog. usually in the streets.
Whats up lad, why you stopping

shit lad, I've Squared a Douglas

have you squared one yah lad!
by GYPSY JOE September 05, 2010
1 2
The Payday Diznip is the art of quitting your job on payday. A true payday diznipper will not show up the actual day that they were to get paid.
Mo Mo did the payday diznip today. She said she just needed to get her kids a new pair of Jordans, so she needed that paper. If she would have diznipped before payday, Mo Mo wouldn't have had the paper to pay for 6 pairs of Jordans
by Gypsy Joe February 28, 2013
8 11