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Nice guys are covert bastards who are just waiting for opportunities to destroy women. Their feigned niceness is just that - feigned. This does not apply to homosexual nice guys who are, in reality, nice. The source of this discrepancy is not known.

For women, nice guys are best handled by using what little they have to offer, and then having nothing more to do with them. Their wisdom, principles and sober thinking are valuable at certain times, and their feigned niceness makes them easy to talk to. However, women are advised not to offer anything more than friendship to them.

Apart from these aspects, nice guys offer precious little to society. In fact, they are causing the deterioration of Western society with their faggy books, computers and telescopes. Haha, telescopes. They possess inferior genes in comparison to Real Men (TM). Nice guys are inherently unable to provide a woman with a good hard fucking, because just look at them. They're too nice.
Things nice guys may (or may not) say:

1. Haha, just LOOK at that skinny guy. HEY, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? YOU WANT YOUR ASS KICKED?!

2. Get me another beer, love.

3. Girl, Imma treat you so right, you know ah alwez doo. Jyea.

4. Show us your tits! Ack-hurhurhurhur.

5. Is that your car? Ack-hurhurhurhur.
by Guy (nice) September 18, 2007
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