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1 definition by Gustav Peixe

Scene Band mostly know as "Emo" Band = Panic! at the disco
the point is, panic! at the disco and that stuff they call emo are not emo at all!!!

EMO DEFINITION = EMOTIONAL HARDCORE- first appearence: in 1984 Rites of Spring and HARDCORE band started to play emotional lyrics and they are for lots of people the first Emo Band!
Scene Bands=MALL EMO= Panic! at the Disco; Fall out Boy; My Chemical Romance; The Used; etc...

EMOTIONAL HARDCORE (EMO) bands= Alessana; A case of Grenade; Circle Takes The Square; City of Caterpillar; Orchid; Amanda Woodward; Kerosene 454; RITES OF SPRING; etc...

so please don't use the word EMO for SCENE BANDS WHICH IS A TYPE OF MUSIC WHICH DOESNT EXIST... but you can call it, POP-ROCK
by Gustav Peixe June 29, 2006