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Link's final sword that hacks the shit out of anything in it's path (usually).

When Link has completely full health it shoots beams.
Self explanatory.
by Guru Imakuni April 30, 2004
deurogotory name for "Mustang"
Commonly used by riceboys, or anyone who likes cars.
Me: What the fuck you doing in that Rustang?!
Poor bastard in Ford: I couldn't afford a Trans Am!
by Guru Imakuni May 03, 2004
Hax0r term for "elite"
This dude is one 133t Quake 3 fragger.
by Guru Imakuni February 21, 2003
The act of not finding the hole on a fat chick and picking a roll to bang instead.
Slick Willy couldn't find her puss so he belly banged her.
by Guru Imakuni February 21, 2003

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