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Abbr. Fag and Dyke Association.
The people at the local FDA are planning a gay pride march.
by Gurl Troll February 23, 2008
Abbr. Under the Counter. 1. Refers to medications that are not available over the counter nor by prescription, but are not illegal either. 2. Refers to the status of illegal drugs.
1. This is an experimental UTC medication.
2. Coke is only available on a UTC basis.
by Gurl Troll February 23, 2008
Abbr. Lets Go Burn Things! This is appropriate since fires were set at Stonewall when gays rioted for rights.
We were going to turn over a police car or throw a trash can through the window when we decided to LGBT instead. So there went City Hall up in flames.
by Gurl Troll February 23, 2008

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