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Michael is a guy with many personalities. He wants to love but sometimes he's friends and even family members dont give him enough or shows him enough to actually use it on someone else. Michaels are very smart intellectual people with good taste of music, tv shows movies anything really. And they are the sweetest most whole-hearted friends or boyfriends-if he chooses to let yu have his heart. And even when he acts like a jerk or is rude around he's friends to you, he doesn't mean it. He just is constantly disrespected in front of people so he does what is done to him. Michaels are extremely special people to have in your life. They will protect you&& love you to the end. If you have a Michael, you are the luckiest person in the world.
person1-(girl) Wow im soo lucky!
person2-(girl's friend) Why?
person1-Because i have the most ahmazing boyfriend ever!
person2-Oh really thats great. Whats his name?
person2-oh yeah you have an ahmazingg boyfriend im happy for you.
by Gummibear Andrews-Lindsey December 11, 2010

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