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One of the best classical composers who lived on Earth. He did most of his best work, while he was deaf, which is fantastic. The best One in my opinion is Fur Elise.

The story of the Fur Elise, is that Beethoven was about 70 years old, and he loved a girl about 17 years old. So he composed that song especially for her. Her name is Elise.


This is tottally untrue. Beethoven died when he was 57, so he never was 70. The girl wasn't called Elise either. There was some dispute as to who she was, but there was no Elise. One theory is that 'Elise' is a slang word used to discribe pretty girls in Vienna. Another is that Beethoven actually wrote 'Therese' on the Manuscript and has very bad handwriting. There was never any Elise.
by Guilietta Guiciardi January 19, 2006

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