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I think the people before me don't even practice Free Running... Free running is the art of moving your body in an aesthetically pleasing way.
Not to be confused with Parkour, which is moving from point A to point B as quickly as possible using objects in your way as shortcuts rather than obstacles. Well, as the need for efficiency declines throughout the years, more of a focus was based on aesthetics, such as flips and spins. Moves such as these weren't as efficient as much as the were aesthetic, so these were classified as free running moves.
There is no mindset of movement when doing free running as opposed to parkour.
Parkour has within itself the intention of moving from one place to another very quickly, whereas in free running you could be in the same place for hours on end with no intent of movement.
Free Running is known by many people to be the equivalent as parkour, BUT IT'S NOT -__-
by Guerrero Movement March 20, 2011

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