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2 definitions by Grumpy Panda

1. A female wearing a strap-on dildo, especially with the intention of having sex with another woman.
2. A female known to wear a strap-on dildo.
3. A female acting in a manner as if you are literally her 'bitch'.
'I wonder which of those ladies will be the rooster tonight?' Can be (obviously) intended as a derogatory term.
by Grumpy Panda February 13, 2008
Opposite of the 'Bros before Hoes' rule.

A single guy who chooses to go and hang out with female company or other event attended by women rather than hang out somewhere with his male only friends.

This is done in the hopes of scoring or to put in the legwork so he may pick up a woman at a later time.

So called presumably, because you are out to score some booty.

A guy who hangs out with his established girlfriend/wife over his friends doesn't apply and is still pussy whipped.
John: Hey Nick, you gonna join the boys tonight for some Halo?
Nick: Nah man, I'm invoking the Pirate Code.
John: Whats On?
Nick: Stephanie from work is having her birthday at the pub, I'm gonna drink bourbon and hit on one of her friends.
John: Good luck man.
by Grumpy Panda May 28, 2009