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Pronunciation: did-ə-ˈbō-lē-ən ˈlä-jik
Function: noun
Etymology: Ski culture - Inland NW USA
Date: 2010

A particular mode of reasoning that results from smoking marijuana.
His decision to put on some music and have a beer, rather than to return to work, was a result of some solid didabolean logic.
by GruFu January 22, 2010
to separate from your children on the first ski run of the day and leave supervision of them to your ski buddies.

Etymology: Ski culture - Inland NW, USA. A subset of the term "Indian outsourcing".
Willy pulled a Bombay Sunrise and we didn't see him again until lunch.
by GruFu December 19, 2010
Definition: a texture of snow favored by skiers for its quality and consistency.

Function: noun

Etymology: Ski culture - Inland NW, USA; the name of this form of snow originates from an analogous description of a former girlfriend described as “slightly dense, but a lot of fun”.
Grinning, Willy dove into a sweet line of untracked girlfriend powder.
by GruFu April 26, 2012
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