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4 definitions by Grobb Johnson

A cup of coffee and a cigarette.
Stacy woke up early and had quick whore's breakfast before heading to work.
by Grobb Johnson July 10, 2008
One who achieves a desired result with remarkable speed and quality.

The best at what one does.
"Man, Jeff kicked my ass at Call of Duty."

"Yeah, he's a high baller."
by Grobb Johnson July 10, 2008
One who sucks at attempted task, skill, or trait.
"Man these guys suck at this."

"Yeah, they're a bunch of shit ballers."
by Grobb Johnson July 10, 2008
Any male's bedroom or place where he may generally masturbate.
I think I'm just gonna head back to the ole spank tank and go to bed.
by Grobb Johnson October 27, 2008