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An Evangelical Atheist is a person that is an atheist and tries to spread atheism amongst theists. It is derived from Evangelism, meaning "Spreading Good News" as practised by Christianity. Due to the rise of the Conservative Christain movement in the United States of America and the increase of humanistic thought, along with the increased blending other many different religions, Atheism has become more and more popular. Evangelical atheist usually seeks to "convert" borderline theists, often by engagaing in debate with fundamentalists.
Theist: Those who do not believe in God and follow Jesus Christ go to Hell
Evangelical Atheist: Where is hell?
Theist: Its a fiery place where sinners burn forever.
Atheist: Yeah but where is it? and how do i get there?
Theist: its under heaven, maybe under the earth. And you get there by sinning.
Atheist: OK, is there a tunnel down to it? can you show me on a map? do you have a photo?
Theist: Look, it says so in my holy book.
Atheist: It also says to stone men to death if they shave their beards.
Theist: Nonsense!
Atheist : no its here look, leviticus. See?
Theist: er.....erm.....well....

by Gribble the Munchkin December 28, 2005

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