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Violent and mysterious people who are located on Britain's M45, resulting from misheard lyrics from Cornershop's 'Brimful of Asha'.
"Old granny basher on the 45"
by Greyshark February 03, 2008
A thing or being that doesn't look like a human at all (humanoid), it looks like an alien.
That alien is an alienoid.
by Greyshark February 03, 2008
The computer equivalent of 'write that down'.
Some of these sketch show ideas are great. Especially the banana one. Type that down.
by greyshark August 22, 2011
When is dishevelled and has eyes that are so tired you just know they have been on a lifetime of crack and/or heroin. In actuallity, the effect has like been achieved with a few weeks' poor sleep.
I can't go anywhere because people assume I have crack addict eyes. In reality I'm just a poor sleeper.
by greyshark April 26, 2011
Roll On Fucking Floor Laughing. ROFL but with sarcasm or those with Tourette's
Bill: A policeman beat me up because I have Tourette's
Todd: LOL
by greyshark October 17, 2010

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