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1. To be covered in fur; fluffy; fuzzy.

2. Furry fandom. This is where this definition becomes a full out rant.

Furry fandom is something widely controversed.

To cover the most general of definitions, a person who is interested in (Note that I said interested in, not is sexually attracted to) anthropomorphic animals.

Some people believe that you are only a "Furry fan" unless furry is a lifestyle for you.

Still others believe that even if you don't know the meaning of the fandom, if you like anthro animals then you're a furry. To each his own.

Personally, I think it's about choice.

Many furries create alter-egos/roleplay characters/ect. that are often called "fursonas". Y'know, furry personas?

A lot of people assume all sorts of strange things about people who call themselves furries. I have personal experiance with this one, folks.

Let me tell you something: We are NORMAL PEOPLE. Some us are male, some female, some straight, some gay, some have jobs, some don't. We are not all automatically people who have sex in animal costumes. There certainly ARE some people like this within the fandom, but don't act like we are all the same. If it worked that way, then because Shakespear is dead, and some frogs are dead, then Shakespear was a frog.

I hope I have helped you instead of wasted your time, but that's my two cents.
My cat is really furry, but he sheds a lot.

I like furry art.
by Grey Eyed Spaz June 14, 2006

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