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A karspasm is a negative jolt to the karma incurred when a person does something bad. Antonym: kargasm
After he set her up to get fired from her job, he knew he would suffer a karspasm.
by Gregory V. Richardson March 24, 2004

This word is a combination of "gnosis" (knowledge) and "narcissism" (self-centeredness). So, gnosonarcissism is a self-centered view that one's level of knowledge is correct and/or complete despite what others know. This implies a lack of understanding that others might know more in areas of knowledge in either a horizontal way (breadth of knowledge) or a vertical way (depth of knowledge).

Because of his gnosonarcissism, he was unable to believe that the ideas of others could ever be better than his own ideas.
by Gregory V. Richardson July 09, 2006
A Crypdoku is a type of Sudoku puzzle in which the numbers encrypt a hidden message of up to 9 characters.
The Crypdoku puzzle style was invented on 14 February 2006 as a variation of the Sudoku puzzle that has swept the world.
by Gregory V. Richardson February 16, 2006
Of or relating to a span of time equal to an eon, that is, 1,000,000,000 years.
The eonic energy budget of the sun results in the transmutation of trillions of metric tons of mass into energy.
by Gregory V. Richardson August 24, 2005
This means unwilling to acknowledge that humans have various levels of consciousness development resulting in different degrees of skill in expressing life skills. Being alevic may imply a projection of equality upon others in the mistaken belief that determining quality of another's consciousness (hence, level of development) is unfair to that other person in and of itself. But understanding qualitative differences and levels can lead to a realization of just where a person can improve himself or herself if willing to do so. See the work of Ken Wilber for discussions of levels, lines of development, and states of consciousness.
Her alevic view tended to stall the development of her students as individual differences were seen as relative in her eyes. Difference was honored above development.
by Gregory V. Richardson July 19, 2004
A speaking style characterized by using words of ones own devise that are registered with Urban Dictionary. The recipient of such words who does not understand them may be baffled thereby, but can learn the true meaning of the words by Googling them.
In his udidic manner, he said to her, "You're so septicious!" She thought it was a compliment until she Googled the word and found out what he really meant.
by Gregory V. Richardson July 19, 2004
Of the view that oneself or another person is simply a "pile of atoms", that is, with only material qualities and without any spiritual ones.
In her poatic view there was no point in discussing spiritual values as such qualities were mere fictions.
by Gregory V. Richardson July 19, 2004

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