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a.)a term given to women with a perfectly round, bubble ass. (NOUN)

b.)when a beautiful slender woman has a beautiful round ass and smothers a guys face with it. (VERB)
a.)As soon as I stepped in to the club I saw a great profile of Susans ass. "man, want a winthrop", I said.

b.)I was dating this girl with the greatest ass I'd ever seen, and she would winthrop me all the time.
by Gregg Danheiser August 29, 2006
To be the coolest person or "life of the party" in a group, small gathering or party atmosphere around people that know him or her. This person is usually very funny, and are swooned by the opposite sex.
Cooper was definitly the gouger of the party. As soon as he arrived all the girls stepped over and quickly wanted to hear want funny stuff he had to say.
by Gregg Danheiser August 29, 2006

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