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action verb - def - (1) a phrase generally used when one is attempting to manifest great physical power from within (2) a saying used to show one's approval for another person's action or actions
Big John strait did work and kicked a big dude's ass:

(Big G)"Ah-Douken! Do Work!"
by Greg Loughenis October 24, 2008
(n)- {pronounced- Moose-TONJ-tee} def- an extremely fast, and agile motor vehicle based on the Ford Mustang GT chassis. After having been "tricked out" with the latest and greatest after market upgrades (such as chip foose rims, K&N cold air intake,flowmaster exhaust, Roush Spoiler, Shaker 1000 audio system, and Saleen Pullies) the car takes on an alter ego causing the operator to perform heroic driving feats at excessive speeds.
Big John rolled up in the Mustangtie and all the fools was strait playa' hatin on that shizzle.
by Greg Loughenis October 22, 2008

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