1 definition by Greg Cox

1. Term referring to one's head. Often heard in the Midwestern states by the younger crowd. Also known as lid, dome, etc.

Also could be coupled with the word bone producing the compound word "nug-bone", meaning skull.

2. A booger from one's nose.

3. Any small chunk of something. i.e. gold nugget, chicken nugget, etc.

4. An extraordinarily stupid or slow person.
1. "I kicked him in the nugget."
"That crazy guy is sick in the nug-bone."

2. "Dude, I was pickin my nose and found a huge nugget!"

3. "let's go get some chicken nuggets." "the miner found a gold nugget."

4. "Man that guy is such a nugget."
by Greg Cox November 03, 2005

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