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It IS a life-long support system that provides career opportunities and networking opportunities during college and beyond in the real world, an organization that values philanthropy and community service, a place where women learn to be leaders, and place to meet amazing women who will always be there for you when you need them.

It is NOT a place that puts your looks and wardrobe ahead of your values and personality, full of stupid girls who are only out to have a good time, a place that will haze you or make you do things against your will, full of rich, spoiled and snobby girls, a place that is only interested in your money while you're in school and will forget about you after you graduate.
A few famous women who were in a sorority include:

Nancy Grace - CNN Journalist, Kimberly Williams - Actress, Lucy Liu - Actress, Alicia Keys - Singer, Aretha Franklin - Singer, Katie Couric - CBS Anchor, Condoleeza Rice -National Security Advisor, Rosa Parks - Mother of the Civil Rights Movement, Julia Louis Dreyfuss - Actress, Molly Sims - Actress, Model, Sheryl Crow - Singer, Kate Spade - Designer, Georgia O'Keefe - Artist, Ali Landry - Former Miss USA, Actress, Ashley Judd - Actress, Erin Andrews - ESPN Reporter, and Kristin Chenoweth - Actress
by GreekLove&Mine May 09, 2012

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