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(n) A nickname given to concert halls and venues with names like "Palladium" or "Avalon."
Dude, were you at the show last night?" "What show?" "The one down at the Snarfleropterpusopelisium, it was crescent fresh.
#palladium #avalon #venue #showplace #club
by Great Bonfuego May 27, 2010
(n)1. An allegedly delicious and wholesome sauce used widely by families across the Continental U.S. This nutrient rich formula provides the energy and nourishment that an utter and complete idiot needs to get through his/her day. The culinary scientists who discovered this revolutionary milestone in scientific sauce history have been hailed as the Einsteins of this century's scientific and culinary communities, global.
"Ey there Cletis I done just ate me a whole bag a nickelsauce."
"Well then there Jethro I reckon that must've been some damn good nickelsauce then wadn't it?"

"Yee haw! I sure do love me some nickelsauce."
"Say there Jethro what's in that there nickelsauce you got there?"
"Nickels, and lots of em."
#nickels #nickel #money #food #sauce #death #fetuccini alfredo #cooking #pulp
by Great Bonfuego February 17, 2011
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