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An indie band formed in the late 1990's, Death Cab For Cutie got its name from a band known as the Bonzos. Its lead singer is Ben Gibbard, who primarily writes lyrics for multiple bands, including the Postal Service. Many people mistake Death Cab For Cutie as an emo band, mainly because of their name and their emotional lyrics. However, their lyrics are more creative and deep than emo gets, and is characterized by emotional thought rather than pure emotions alone. Their sounds are quite diverse, ranging from a pop rock sound to a soft rock sound, but most of their songs cannot be categorized easily (i.e. "President of What" or "Two Cars")

Their only negative side is that they apparently support veganism and animal rights... Damn them!
Arrogant Moron: Ugh, Death Cab For Cutie is just a stupid emo band... They're such pussies!
Guy: If you'd just read their lyrics-
Arrogant Moron: I mean their name says it all! No one names themselves after the shutting down of the heart and brain, taxis, and adorable things without being emo!
Guy: Have you even listened to-
Arrogant Moron: And Ben Gibbard's glasses-
by Gray Spartan November 24, 2007

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