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Specifically, an oxymoron. Because marriage is a biblical term (the context of which being the sacred union of man and woman), gay marriage is doomed right out the gate. The definition is, quite literally, set in stone.

What people don't seem to realize is that there is no religious precedent for gay marriage. Whether it be Judaism, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu... Incidentally, I'm not so sure about the Innu policy on this, but if you're interested, find a fuckin' Eskimo. It's not that gay marriage is illegal, it's just that it's being defeated by semantics. If gay people wanna get married, then they should go write themselves a document and erect themselves a church in Toronto or Massechusets or Somerset or something. And not California, either- it's about time L.A. got it's game up, because New York's been using it as it's royal shitrag for years now.
Church of Gay Marriage: Fuck me, I'd go too, if just for the dancing.
by Gravitas June 16, 2006

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