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Following someone home while they are intoxicated in order to save them from being pulled over. Usually occurs when any one of your friends drinks themselves to a drunken stupor and insists on driving after having "only a few beers".
Victor: Man I was so faded last nite, Danny if you hadn't cop blocked me last nite I would have pulled over and busted for sure.

Danny: Yeah man I cop blocked you pretty hard, you owe me one.
by Graveyard Vic March 17, 2010
A word that can be used to replace almost any verb, but which adds extra emphasis to whatever verb it is replacing, while also adding an extra touch of masculinity.
Example 1.
Person1. Hey do you wanna handle a couple forties tonight?

Person2. I think we will handle more than just a couple!!!

Person 1. Yeah man we just handled some Burger King a couple hours ago.

Person 2. Sweet man lets go handle some people on Halo 3!!!

Person1.Dude did you see how Mike handled that one chick at the bar? She was on his jock all night!!!

Person2.Yeah man, he handles all the time!!! Maybe with training I'll be able to handle the same way.


Person1.Hey were going to go to the beach today and handle a swim, you wanna come?

Person2. Naw man, I have work today, I have to go handle.
by Graveyard Vic August 24, 2009

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