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A member of an elite group of photographers, originating from a "Brotographer" group in early 2011 on Facebook. Members typically add "-Brotography" to the end of their name to signify that they are a member of this group.

Brotographers have also been known to troll bad photographers who get clients to pay ridiculous amounts of money for their "lackluster" work.

Common phrases a brotographer might say include (But are not limited to):

You are a cunt.

That shii cray
Fuck you
World Domination
Pix or GTFO
Tones bro
John Smith-Brotography

"We're going to have a Brotographer meetup in Seattle, and Florida"

"I wish I was good enough to be a Brotographer"
by Grape-Man December 03, 2011

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