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when sum1 is totally wasted and starts rambling or making hilarious confessions. similiar to a drunk dice
Girl: I love you
Guy: youre totally wasted
girl: this isnt a drunk say!
guy: sure
by Grant the lurker June 23, 2007
a very cowardly, sneaky, and sketchy way of learning about someone either through ear jacking, reading their survey bulletins posted on myspace, or any other clandestine way of learning info on someone without actually talking to them.
Guy A: dude i think im going to ask out that girl
Guy B: you dont even know her, noob
Guy A: well ive been reading all of her surveys on myspace
Guy B: lurk learner!
by Grant the lurker June 23, 2007
very similiar to a drunk say but in spanish! (dice means say en espanol) almost if not more hilarious than a drunk say.
guy: te quiero
girl: you wish
guy b: what a drunk dice
by Grant the lurker June 23, 2007

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