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v. To down an entire bottle of an alcoholic beverage of your own choosing. Beast refers to the old Irish way of referring to Alcohol as The Creature. Beast just happens to be a more hardcore animal euphemism, and since downing an entire bottle of alcohol is pretty hardcore...
1. During the 7-month shooting of the movie Animal House, John Belushi slayed more beasts than any frat boy during their entire college careers.

2. Ted: Oh my God! I caught my sexual partner Rosie slaying the beast! NOW I know why she sleeps with me!!!
by Grammar_Freak_17 April 13, 2008
v. Also know as 'putter around'.
1. To practice golfing on the green next to the hole.
2. To have extremely teasing/tantric sex with a woman. Basically, to rub the tip of the penis around the vagina, as well as put just the tip in and pull out again. This teasing of the woman's sex organs can turn her into a wild sex-craved demon. It's not just men who get aroused by a good tease (so long as it ends up with a naked couple in the sack).
1. Tiger Woods should probably putt around more, especially after his 2008 Masters' performance.

2. All it took John was about 2 minutes of puttering around with Jill's downtown bonanza and she turned into a sex-craving wild woman. Men, tip your hats to John for the extra work to get what he really wanted as well. You clever fella.
by Grammar_Freak_17 April 18, 2008
When a male is engaged in an orgy (whenever this may be...in real life if you're a porn star or your fantasies if you're anything less) and about to come, he pulls out and jerks off until the crucial milky explosion. Then during the burst, the man spins around and around as quick as possible and gets sperm everywhere. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE WITH POOR BALANCE OR INNER-EAR INFECTIONS.
Some people talk about the story "Around the World in 80 days" and they call the men in the story geniuses and men of courage. I'd like to shake their hands. 80 days straight of going around the world, and they're still alive. God Dammit, that is AMAZING.
by Grammar_Freak_17 April 18, 2008

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