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Biiiii is a variation of b****, or a comic relief. Biiiii is a noun, adjective, verb, and adverb. You can even use it in a sentence in more than one form. "That biiiii climbed up the ladder, biiiii by biiiii." Oh, and biiiii can be used for almost anything: friendship, insult, yawning...
Hey biiiii!!!!!! How ya doin' Biiiii? That biiiii...get it?
by Gramma Booty(licious) October 31, 2004
A muffer is a m***** f*****, a coolish person, or someone you really hate. It was made up in response to a creative cussing contest. It is rarely used as the "coolish person" definition.
"That KKK muffer!" ---insulting

"Why you muffer, you mean you really got that awesome pic?" --coolish person

"What a muffer"--insulting
by Gramma Booty(licious) December 26, 2004

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