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I am a goth, but I do not fit into most of those categories!

*cut myself
*drink blood
*hang round in cemeteries
*wear nothing but black
*wear black and white make-up 24/7
*listen to "goth" music 24/7
*hate people because they don't dress like me
*have any of the same clothes as my friends
*always go to goth pubs and drink anything red
*worship Satan
*have every possible part of myself pierced or tattooed

*eat meat, junk food & any other kind of food I can
*wear lip gloss sometimes and a bit of eyeliner
*go to "normal" pubs and drink wkd Blue
*have many types of friends: goths, trendies, townies, emos
*have a leather trenchcoat (but no, i do not agree with the so called "trenchcoat Mafia")
*sometimes wear blue, or red, or purple
*hate people that can't accept that everyones the same: if you skin a goth, skin a townie, skin a gay person or skin a coloured person, they are all the same underneath.

Its not the clothes or the music I hate, its the attitude of the people.
Walking to the shop whilst wearing a leather trenchcoat:-

"townie": "oi, Matrix"
me: "hmmmmm, right"

Being a white female and all:-

"townie": oh my god, you're Blade, innit?"
me: "not seeing the distinction between me and a very tall, muscly, black guy"
"townie": "hahaha, its Blade"

this is the funniest one though

Walking with my boyfriend through the local fair to get to the pub:-

"townie girl 1": paedophile, goficks, satanists
"townie girl 2": oi, you goficks
Us: yes??
Townie girls: Why's u goficks? dus you like cutting yourselves and drinking blood and stuff?
Us: no, why?
Townie girls: why's u goficks?
Us: why are you townies?
Townie girls: we ain't no fucking townies, we's casual!
Us: you look like townies to us, its all about your attitude, anyways, why are we goths?
Townie girls: coz you wearing black
me: but your wearing a black cardigan, does that make you a goth?
<townie girls look at each other for a while>
townie girls: we aint goficks.

At that point we were laughing too much and had to leave! i got bored of them and tuned out, lol
by Gothicmidnight_isle of wight January 07, 2005

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