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A saiyan who has gone through a transformation which multiplies his current power and turns his hair blonde and his eyes green/light blue
When Goku turned super saiyan,he tore Frieza a new asshole!
by Gothic Bob May 28, 2003
From the anime of the same name (Fooly Cooly or Furi Kuri) See also FLCL

Def~Mainly to fondle the breasts, but can also be used as a term for any kind of messing around
The best memories of my life are of the times I got to Fooly Cooly D cups
by Gothic Bob October 04, 2004
A series of movements,that,performed with exact timing can fuse two people into one,making them more powerful than ever imagined
If super saiyan 3 Gotenks and super saiyan 4 Gogeta did a fusion dance,they would make a warrior of such power that they could destroy a planet just by powering up!
by Gothic Bob May 28, 2003
"Ass" is another word for donkey
Jay and Silent Bob might take a fist-full of asscock in the mouth if they were strapped for cash.
by Gothic Bob May 10, 2003
A fun Game
Let's go back to the Station House.Circle Jerk...Glaze some donuts
by Gothic Bob May 10, 2003
Due to bad personal hygene,it is a cheese-like substance that developes under your nuts
Fromunder Cheese goes good with some toast
by Gothic Bob May 26, 2003
One who mops jizz
He's the guy who cleans the nudie booth at beach guy jerks off.His job is to clean the booth after every guy blows his load.I dont know if you know this but cum leaves streaks if you dont clean it right away
by Gothic Bob May 26, 2003

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