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When a large girl wears both a pair of low riding pants plus a belly showing shirt, the look from behind resembles a mushroom hence, ButtShroom
Um, maam, you should consider a more flattering shirt as in that getup you are really just growing a buttshroom.
by Gorthos October 05, 2006
Pretend sex. Frottage, rubbing, clothed petting. Anything that results in stickiness and orgasm without any sort of penetration or in fact removal of clothing.
Bob: "I fauxnicated with Trish last night on the bus ride back from the ski-trip."

Ted: "No you didn't. You guys were fully dressed and were just dry humping."

Bob: "I guarantee you we fauxnicated."

Ted: "how about you write that down..."
by Gorthos September 28, 2008
A form of psychological ointment one applies when one has ended a particularly long, unpleasant or long and unpleasant relationship.
I hear Fred dumped Wilma finally.

Yeah, that was a long time coming. I saw him out last night polywhorin'.

Good for him.
by Gorthos September 15, 2008
A catchphrase that when imitated in person is not anywhere near as funny/cool/entertaining/acceptable as when originally done on TV or in a movie.
Hey, want to go grab some lunch Chet?


Uh huh. Enough of the fauxshizzle jackass, thats so 2002.


by Gorthos September 15, 2008
Someone who goes out of their way to reject, debunk or otherwise make the believers of any "green" or "Eco-friendly" program or belief look stupid and wrong.
Guy 1: "Man its hot"
Guy 2: "Its normal for this time of year. Suck it up." (walks off)
Guy 1: "But its March! WTF?"
Guy 2 from a distance: "Eco-nazi!"
Guy 3: "Don't mind him, he's an unvironmentalist".
Guy 1: "oh..."
by Gorthos July 18, 2010
A mis-spelling of w00t often made in emails by non-technophiles/non-gamers, administrative secretaries and soccer moms trying to sound hip and young when texting younger coworkers or their young ones.
(mom) Thats grate dear! Your dad will be so proud you finished Splinter Cell! Awesome! woot!

(son) That's w00t mom...

(mom) but those are zeros

(son) cul8r mom..

(mom) whats that dear? I think you mashed the keys. Oh my, are you on drugs?
by gorthos September 15, 2008
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