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Although there are numerous definitions of "preps" from America, i would like to subject people to the English preps. Like their international counterparts, the English Preps often come from Old-money backgrounds. Some may live on larger farms, or have extensive estates, they may indeed live in manor houses. they are less conservative than the description of the americans, and often like to do sports such as lacrosse, polo, tennis etc. before the Ban, many preps would also enjoy hunting.
"oh suzie has such class"
"Well yes, she is rather preppy"
by Gorgeous trumps everything May 03, 2006
a British teenager who goes to rather expensive public school. usually the nouveau-riche, large houses and pashmina's are a must. The less conservative, slightly more obvious, rather vulgar and plastic-looking versions of preps... with less class or taste. They like designer labels, monograms, playboy and the girls usually have messy hair tied in a pony-tail or bun.
"just going down the KR daaaaaarling..." ( a fellow sloaney talking to another)
by Gorgeous trumps everything May 03, 2006

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