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A decent actress who has starred in such movies as Liar, Liar, The initiantion of Sara(a made for TV movie), and countless others. She has big tits and is pretty hot especially when he hair is blonde. She also does the voice of Bonnie, the pregnant wife of Joe on Family Guy.
Jennifer Tilly is enjoyable to watch.
Jennifer Tilly has fuckin' big Tits. I'd like to spray my gorilla juice all over them.
Family Guy is a good show but Jennifer Tilly's character isn't really all that funny.
by Gordon Dickshit October 25, 2006
This occurs when a woman has so much hair in her pussy that it starts to get tangled up. This is caused by an unusually fast growing rate around the vagina. It can be quite painful at times. A pussy weave has even been known to actually stop a dick from entering the vagina. The only time a woman gets a weave in her pussy is when she has an overly active hair growing problem, doesn't take care of it and keeps it ungroomed. This usually results in divorce or break ups in a relationship because the man doesn't want to fuck a weave.
Sarah had a major pussy weave so I fucked her in the ass instead.
I left my wife because she never took care of her pussy. She had a weave the size of Marge Simpson's hair in between her legs!
That bitch cried because she had to untangle that giant fucking weave between her legs.
by Gordon Dickshit October 25, 2006
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