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1. (Noun) A term of derision aimed at anyone regarded as being cretinously vacuous, self-obsessed or afflicted by self-delusional vanity.

2. (Noun) More generally, a pejorative name for any dislikable person.

Such individuals are likely to:

* Make excessive use of expensive hair products;
* Needlessly play the latest "R'n'B" or "Club tyoons" in ear-bleedingly poor sound quality on patently stolen mobile phones, typically whilst travelling on public transport;
* Hold the view that the world is a better place for Jade Goody's existence;
* Adopt an unconvincing accent and persona, befitting of a social group to which they don't actually belong - frequently belying a painfully comfortable, middle class upbringing.
* Have a face like a gnarly-sphincter
Lowri Turner is a sanctimonious gufftrap
by Gordon's Alive April 04, 2006
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