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something good, something that went right,
when somethin was done correctly.
"that joint is rolled proper."
"he spit that rhyme proper."
"he did it up proper."
pronounced propa.
by goon March 11, 2004
A specific type of sexual intercourse having all of the following qualifications: 1) It is super high speed 2) At least one of the participants does not know the others name. 3) The male's trousers are not complely removed. Also, some definitions require the intercouse to take place at the Kimwood Apartments
I boffed some bitch at a lame party.
by Goon November 05, 2003
a crackhead with a large stack of ones in his hand, a junkie who fronts large but really aint got shit, someone who tries to buy shit off you and ones you to death, a wad of money with the largest bills out, the bills happen to be fives.
yo that bitch was thought she was big pimpin with small bills, too bad she belly up.
by goon March 11, 2004
Damn cool person within 101st Delta Squadron, he carries the nickname "Sink", and is a fellow Llama-enthusiast along with Explosive.
Oi, leave my @(#&*@)$* llama alone you @$@)*$@)*$
by Goon February 14, 2004
Writer of an incredibly long and detailed suicide thread with a secret message down the side, first letter of each line, explaining the whole thing was a joke.
I thought Forzan was going to kill him self one moment, and the next I was laughing so hard my side burst.
by goon June 25, 2003
Something that is very gooney or some one who is very gooney.

Josh your goonarific
Your goonarific to mike.
by Goon June 22, 2003
a powertool is one who exhibits traits of a trully mookish manner. one who is so annoying that one minute with him/her makes you want to beat them like a cheap rug till they leak blood. in other words a worthless fucking waste of air. in other words someone so dense that their witlessness astounds.
look at that powertool over there mackin on that hoe. kid got no game.
by goon March 12, 2004
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