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def: Origins from He-Man's battlecat. This is an overly aggressive and experienced cougar. A cougar who has been hunting for a long time and just goes thru young guys like fresh meat. She is ridden often into battle.
Watch out for Mrs X, she's a battlecat. She's been ridden by everyone. And she's had so many young guys, she will just tear you up and spit you out.
by Gong Ji August 10, 2009
origin: an actual baked bread roll that is filled with meat, vegetables, etc.. much like a hot pocket. The sauce or meat juices soak out to the bread making it soggy and hard to eat/handle.

Slang: used to describe anything wet, nasty, funky, messy, gross.
"Dude, I hooked up with this hoodrat and when I nailed her, it was like screwin' a soggy pocket"
by Gong Ji April 30, 2007

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