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When someone makes a fart that is wet, moist and has a loud low bass tone to it, that makes it sound like they sat in a bowl of pudding.
Who made the Pudding Fart? That's fucking nasty! It sounded like someone sat in a bowl of pudding! Go check your underwear.
by GonE1 May 15, 2007
when the lips of the female genitalia are so large from getting banged and abused, that she can twist them into a knot. Seen it. It can be done.
The striper at Mel's bachelor party, tied her Twat in a knot!
by GoNe1 May 17, 2007
The sound of a gay mans fart! When the wind passes through the anus without vibrating the walls due to the enlarged cavity.
Hey Ronny, did you hear that? Sounds windy out. Sorry, I've got gas. "Whoooof"!
by GonE1 May 15, 2007
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