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11 definitions by Goldengamingod

An exaggerated unit of measurement used online. When someone claims anything is a certain amount of inches online, those are Internet inches. The actual amount of inches in reality is significantly less.
Toph told Misty he had a 10 inch penis in the chat room. Misty knew that was Internet inches. The real size was much smaller.
by Goldengamingod August 25, 2011
6 0
The lips and hood of a pierced vagina. When there's a piercing in there you see it like a pearl when you open them up.
Misty opened her pearly gates to show off her pussy piercing.
by Goldengamingod March 14, 2010
13 7
The effect a round, puffy, jiggling booty has on its surroundings.
The jigglypuff effect of Misty's butt has everyone staring in awe.
by Goldengamingod March 13, 2010
8 3
Another name for the butt cheeks. You open them up when you get into the bed with someone.
Nice tailgates on that girl Misty.
by Goldengamingod March 14, 2010
11 8