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14 definitions by GoldenGirlsBlows

The muted moaning sound of a woman being gagged during a deepthroat. Resembles the sound made by dolphins at play.

Ho note: cheap whorish eye makeup will run

Safety Note: Do not attempt upside down with congested sinuses during an Inverted Flyby.
You haven't heard them fuck before? His old lady lets out a Dolphin Cry every time she goes down on him.
by goldengirlsblows February 07, 2011
A reportedly impossible aerial maneuver performed by Maverick in Top-Gun... but really refers to getting deepthroated while standing at the edge of a bed by a girl on her back with her head hanging over the edge.

To perform perfectly one must also flip her the bird.

WARNING! A mysterious Dolphin Cry may be heard. Do not fear. No dolphins are harmed in the act.
Russian Dude: "Why did you inverted flyby my sister!?"

Offender: "I was communicating. Keeping up foreign relations. You know, giving her the bird."
by goldengirlsblows December 02, 2010
Cocky prepubescent kid who has nothing better to do (i.e. homework, mow the lawn) than talk tough during online games. Usually involves threat of violence against the shins and ankles in midget style combat.

Obvious by the shrill, almost fairy-like quality of the voice.
Hercules: in the soft voice of a child "I'll fucking break your legs if I ever see you!"

Gamer: "Keep it up Headphone Hercules and I'll tell your mother to cancel your X-Box membership"
by goldengirlsblows January 14, 2011
To have a fashionably "rad" scraggly appearance, hence "Scradley". Often consists of stubble/beard, worn out "vintage" clothes, and optional headwear. Known to smoke weed and play guitar at low key venues to cover a bar tab.
"I wish I paid more attention to Scradley's show last night but I was blackout by second song."
by goldengirlsblows July 20, 2012
A whitewashed Asian drug dealer used as a middleman between the Triads and preppy white boys. Often has an Americanized name. Very Expendable.
"Why don't the Asian kids ever come by to blaze with us?"
"Too much heat man. That's why they send Tony the Cosmikaze"
by goldengirlsblows August 19, 2011
Uninformed, often slow, person whose hobbies include talking about things they don't actually know about. Envies and emulates those that do.

Definition comes from billiards. Being "behind the 8-ball" where one has no shot. Hence Nine Ball.
Video Gamer: "I wish I was a soldier in real life. I'd go full-auto all day."

Soldier: "What about the ammo?...fucking Nine Ball"
by goldengirlsblows January 07, 2011
Found on old women. Tits that hang long and skinny like a flaccid dick. Often with large nipples that cover the whole tip, just like the head of a dick.

Also used to describe long hard nipples that look like mini dicks.
Guy: Is there something about Mary
Dude: No, but theres something about her room mate. Look the dicktits on that old broad.
by goldengirlsblows December 17, 2010