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Chezbian is a combination of the words, Chairmen and Lesbian and is phonetically said “Ch-es-z-bee-an".
Chairmen can be noted to be in control of their business and with this notion crossed with lesbians you get a lesbian who is a control freak and/or leader when it comes to social situations or dilemmas. Usually the physically and mentally repulsive lesbians assume this role as their need to be the centre of attention can be derived from an absence of attention due to their lesbian boyish unattractiveness.
Most of the time they‘re not consciously aware that they have been categorized as a Chezbian. Additional when this information is brought to their attention a dormant, sub-human, violent fluctuation of a pure emotional and physical rage surfaces to inflict the ultimate pain on whomever was stupid enough to make the Chezbian aware of their social status (see also PMS for similar anger management issues).
It should be noted that on rare occasions Chezbian’s have been documented eating small innocent children. No reason for this has been discovered as of yet but it has been theorized this act has something to do with enhancing their witchcraft lesbian powers.
Person 1: “Dude, everyone wanted to go to Subway but Kate was being a total chezbian and made us go to McDonalds.”

Person 2: “Man that sucks no wonder she is ugly and fat with all that fast food she eats.”
by GodJustGotPwnd May 19, 2010
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