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A heavily armed sarcophagus of one of the Imperiums finest warriors.
Space Marine 1: "We're getting destroyed by all these fucking Orks!"
Space Marine 2: "Look, here comes a Dreadnought!"
Dreadnought: "I have waited long for this day."
<Dreadnought massacures Ork army>
Space Marine 1: "LOL"
by God-Emperor of Mankind May 19, 2008
(1)n. In the Relic video game "Company of Heroes", a completely overpowered tank used in Europe by the Panzer Elite.

(2)n. A real World War II tank used by the Germans.
American: "Man, we totally won this game."
British: "About time, eh chaps?"
<Jadgpanther spawns, destroys two Shermans and a Churchill"
British: "Bloody hell!"
American: "That was bullshit! I can't believe that thing is a free unit!"
Panzer Elite: "lolololololololol gg"
by God-Emperor of Mankind May 19, 2008

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