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A person that has been through everything and overcomes lifes adversities to become a better person. One who is very thorough in every aspect of life. A family person who loves unconditionally and with everything she has. When life kicks her down she comes back up immediately with even more strength and a better outlook on life. One who is gentle and compassionate but also firm and understanding. She is very intelligent and loves to learn, you better watch out she will always know what you are up to. Loves with every thing she is. Is the closest thing to perfect you will ever find. She is the most beatiful, angelic creature you will ever lay eyes on. She is the most trustworthy person because she can not lie it is not in her nature. Once you have her she will always be faithful. If you know a Teaira all I can say is you are one lucky son of a bitch!!!
by God of Chaos February 11, 2010

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