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The guy that made you!! He's not some random- made up story to make you feel guilty, he planned you, and everything about you because HE LOVES YOU!! and its not some hidden secret, if u actually listen at sunday school, God isnt as confusing as people make him out to be!! He loves you so much that he made you so that you can make your own choices, (thats why not everyone believes in God) Jesus is his son whose whole life was devoted to God and he died for everyone who loves God, so that they dont have to kill animals for everything theyve done wrong, all God wants is a sorry!! If your confused about who God is, your on the net, DO SOME RESEARCH!!! online bible? go John 3:16, Psalm 91, thers so much stuff about him. You were made for a purpose and bought at a price, Be bothered at becoming a Christian and finding out who God is, its the best thing ive ever done!! Amen.
Hey God, do you like this song? Thanks that you care about me and sent your son to die for me just so we can talk. sorry for slipping up AGAIN!! thanks that you love me enough to forgive me. In Jesus' name, Amen.

by God is awesome July 12, 2006

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