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also see shosky for more information
Shosky alternate definition -Jackass,Donkey
by God (accept no substitute) February 25, 2005
Completely the opposite of the rediculous definition stated above. The only truth in the statment above is the reference of the DONKEY ... he has infinite knowledge of Donkeys because he is a glamorized Donkey himself... that being a total JACKASS!!!
Shosky.... he is the biggest Jackass I have ever seen!!!!!
by God (accept no substitute) February 25, 2005
a noun is a person, place, or thing. That being the case, the person who made the initial definition is quite the unintelligent individual, therein removing all credibility for his comments. That being said, the correct definition of JER - or Jeremy (aka ROCKSTAR) can be found there.
Everyone wants to be like Jer Jeremy (aka ROCKSTAR) Dont deny it, you have to accept it, any degrading remarks or attempts to belittle Jeremy are seen as obvious acts of Jealousy and lack of selfworth.
by God (accept no substitute) February 25, 2005

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