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Some annoying wannabe white trash that can't even get a girl better known to them as an object. They tend to bitch about everything but when bitched at they lose their temper and throw death threats even though they claim to be about peace. If you are ever confronted by one or more just act like they don't exist because they say they want to be outcast so you will be doing them a favor but they call themselves outcast to try and embrace the fact that they can't actually be involved with normal society when actually its easier then being a outcast. To fit in is to wake up in the morning and be yourself not some faggot who trys to act like some jesus when they are just trash. Also they can't win fights even when its 11:1 because 90% of them are so fat and out of shape that they tire after the first step into a punch and need to sit down and jizz on their face some more to cover up where the makeup is wearing off from the sweat.
by Go Die in a Fire November 22, 2010
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